How to Grow Your Business Offline


Events are priceless opportunities to connect with others and form the relationships in person—somewhat of a novelty in our digital world.

You probably reap the benefits of events already. Think about the last networking event or conference you attended—did you make new connections or learn something new? We’re pretty confident your answer to that question is yes. In addition to providing a valuable experience to you, the event proprietors were using their event to grow their business. You can too. Here’s a quick list of how you can use events to meet your business goals this year.

Establish trust with your customers

Ninety-three percent of communication effectiveness is determined by nonverbal cues and good communication is the lifeblood of trust. While virtual interactions are efficient for day to day tasks, offline contact is essential to forming lasting business relationships. Clients are more likely to work with you than someone they did not meet in person because they understand and trust you.

Showcase your business to an engaged audience

Events are a very special opportunity to have your audience's undivided attention. This is invaluable in today's digitalized world where people's attention spans have been reduced to an average of 8 seconds.

Gain publicity & brand recognition

If you're doing something interesting, the media will want to write about it. Events are a great way to generate sharable content that lives on past the event itself. Having this content out in the world will make your brand recognizable to numerous people who were unaware of you before.

Establish yourself as an industry thought leader

Sharing your unique insights and knowledge with others through conferences, workshops, and seminars establishes you as a reliable source of industry information and thought leadership. Becoming a respected name in your field will make you extremely sought-after by potential customers.

Increase employee satisfaction & productivity

Appreciation, education, and team-building events show employees that your company is invested in its people. One study showed that most employees say opportunities, learning, and development are the main reasons they stay with an organization. You can use events as an effective strategy to recruit and retain top level talent.

Additional revenue stream

Events can also be a great way to bring in more revenue to your company. By hosting ticketed events that offer entertainment or value to your audience you can seriously boost your bottom line. 

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